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Filled pirohy dish served with fried bacon, fresh dill and a cup of milk.

So yeah, #RealFood is a thing.

Remember how last week I really wanted to share with you my love for pierogi? I also wasn’t sure if it was a good idea, if the Cornish would like it, if the non-Cornish would show up etc… Well, turns out it was.

I told you we have prepared (well, Karolina did) a thousand pierogi and I was more than sure that, well, at least I will get to have a few myself. I didn’t. At 15:00 sharp they were all sold out. Completely gone.

But let me start from the beginning. The moment we opened doors people started pouring it like it was Black Friday or something. By 1PM the place looked like this:


We were 5-6 chairs short, plus folks were constantly coming in and out with take out orders and the drivers were constantly coming back for more deliveries. Our restaurant was never so packed. So, as we promised – we’re doing this.


When the dust settled a bit we were approached by two persons, who would like to take part in the series. The first one, or the first couple I should say is Alma and Jura. Alma is from Kazakhstan and Jura from Latvia. They sad they have all the equipment and they make authentic Uzbek Plov. I am going to be honest with you, I had no idea what that was. The explanation that it is Pilau/Pilaf rice prepared according to Alma’s grandma’s recipe did not help all that much, so we said we will do some research and think about it. To my surprise the next day they showed at my place with some huge cast iron contraption saying I wanted to do research – and what better way than to experience it myself.
When I found a safe spot for the wood fired oven (a spot where my fake plastic turf would not be in danger of melting) they started cooking. Let me tell you… the smell of meat, onion, whole garlics and a world of spices frying in a cast iron cauldron was so overwhelming that I was only able to take a few photos. Take a look…

What can I say… We tried it. We fell in love with Uzbek Plov. You will have a chance, too. On Sunday the 14th of November, if everything goes right (After seeing the chaos at our restaurant Jura and Alma decided they need a bigger oven. Stove. Thing with fire. You know what I mean. A much bigger one. It should arrive on Saturday) If there is a delay, we’ll do it the next week, no worries. Even if we have to wait – this thing is worth the wait.

Wait, but what about the other guys, you said there were two…?

Yeah, there’s more. I will tell you more next time.

For now, if you’d like to book a table or order ahead – you know what to do…


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