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We have spent 8 years in Italy learning everything there is to learn about Italian cuisine. From the seemingly simplest things like picking the right tomatoes at the market, to protein contents in the flour for pizza, to pressing the fresh olive oil and forming mozzarella balls. We absorbed everything we could; the flavours, the fragrances and we’ve gotten accustomed to the best quality fresh ingredients. In 2017 we have seen Portreath for the first time. Stunning place! Amazing views! We were just amazed by the rough cliffs, the colour of the ocean. We’ve decided to move here!

At first, Gabriel worked in IT, which is his profession, but after 20 years in corporate environment it was time for a change. We have watched “The Chef” the n-th time and it struck us! We’re gonna make food! Computers just make everyone miserable and isolated. Food brings people together and makes everybody happy. The choice of food was really simple. What is the food everyone likes, the single item everybody loves? Of course it’s pizza. We have called our friends in Italy and started ordering supplies. The only flour we decided to use – Neapolitan Caputo Pizzeria tipo 00, olive oil from Santini family, whose orchard is literally 150m (yes, we use metric) from Leonardo Da Vinci’s house, just outside Florence.

Finally, it was time to put things together and start baking. We’ve started with a small electric oven we picked up on Amazon. But as it was only able to reach 350 degrees C, we could not call this pizza Neapolitan, as this requires at least 430! After some searching and a few hundred pizzas sold we have finally found our winner. A Gilberto pizza oven trailer, able to bake 50-60 pizzas per hour and be taken to where hungry people are. It took us a couple of days and a few dozen pizzas burnt, stuck to the oven floor, ruined in all kinds of ways, but finally we were ready!

All Summer Real Pizza was present at the 5 local campsites. We’ve baked a couple of thousands of pizzas and gotten even better at it. In September we have restarted the pizza delivery service, and joined Just Eat.


We were one of the lucky few for whom the pandemic turned to be advantageous. In the spring of 2021 we opened the doors to our restaurant in Camborne. We have started with our 7.2 kW 6 pizza oven we purchased in the first pandemic summer of 2020, but after a month it was clear 6 pizzas at the time just won’t cut it and we had to buy a GGF oven capable of 12 pizzas at once!

Company details are:

Real Pizza 2 Ltd, 19 Albany Road, TR15 2HU Redruth
Company number  13380381