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Pierogi, Vareniky and Pelmeni at Real Pizza!

Pierogi. The world famous Polish dumplings. The absolutely most favourite food of my childhood, though my mum didn’t really make them all that often, since they take ages to make and disappear immediately. In Poland the most popular kinds of pierogi are:

      • Meat pierogi, usually served with fried onion, bacon bits, or with sour cream.
      • Ruskie (Ruthenian), filled with cottage cheese, onion and potatoes.
      • Wild mushrooms and cabbage, very popular for Christmas dinner.
      • Sweet ones with cottage cheese, amazing with melted butter, sugar and cinnamon.

But Poland is not the only country in Easter Europe with their own pierogi. Russian pelmeni are at least as good and so are the Ukrainian Vareniky. Since October 2022 we have all of them in our offer, expertly home made by Tatiana from Ukraine, who has just joined our team. Our pierogi are available to eat in, take out or be delivered. They’re great freshly boiled, but who knows if not even better refried the next day.

If you’re lucky you will also be able to try her amazing soup – the Ukrainian Borscht, check the menu if it’s available today!


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