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Humble meatballs that bring back memories

Meatballs. From Turkish kofte to Italian polpette, to German frikadellen, Polish klopsy, Russian Котлетки, to Swedish köttbullar, most European cultures have a variant of this divine comfort food. We all know it from home, most of us can get in a fight about whose mother or granny made them better. (Of course it’s my mum and grandma) What matters most is that that’s proper home food that is deeply engraved in our very souls.

Since this week my Polish mum (the person who taught me everything I know about kitchen) came for a visit, this Sunday (20/02/2022) we will be cooking together and will serve you the Polish variant. Pork mixed with veal and beef, pan fried onion, lots of marjoram and pepper; served with mash potatoes, coleslaw and since it’s my mum who’s cooking, a traditional Polish soup.

We start at 13:00 and will stay open until we’ve sold out. We’re preparing 30 portions, so book your table as soon as you can if you don’t want to miss it.


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