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Allergen Warning

Food Allergies are dangerous!

If you have a food allergy please do not risk ordering our pizza. Your life is worth more than a meal.

As we say in the menu, our ingredients come from various suppliers. If we made everything ourselves, we could tell you – yeah, this is 100% safe. But with the tolerances being so small (like 13 parts of gluten per million in case of gluten-free products) we cannot guarantee that the food is safe for you. And not only because of possible negligence on part of our suppliers.

Example – let’s say we make a batch of gluten free dough. We use sterile equipment we bought only for this purpose in a sterile kitchen somewhere else. Then we bring it to our pizzeria, where every inch of surface is covered with flour dust. That’s strike one. The dough is no longer gluten free. Then we use our pizza peel dusted with flour. Strike two. Then we put it in the oven where we bake normal pizzas and the gluten free one touches the bottom and gets cross contaminated. That’s strike three. We could have just killed someone, or send them to a hospital.

Same thing goes with the cheese. So many of you choose vegan cheese as the option, without understanding the vegan “cheese” is only a replacement for mozzarella. If there is three other cheeses on the pizza in other products like pesto, that can’t be replaced. Also, all the pizzas are prepared on the same table, so there will be cheese cross contamination no matter what.

We do use nuts. Pine nuts and walnuts. Although very unlikely, cross contamination can also occur, so please, please let us know if you are allergic to nuts and we will at least clean all the surfaces before your pizza is made. Really, you can’t be too careful with this.

Anchovies. Same thing – they are used not only as themselves, but also in other products like dressings etc. We do use them and we use them quite a lot. And quite often straight after touching the anchovies, we’re touching other stuff so please be safe! Do not order pizza from us if you have a life threatening allergy as we cannot keep you safe.

We use peanut butter in hot chocolate. Again – if this is dangerous to you, please be aware we do that. It does not go anywhere the pizza station, but peanut products are present in our kitchen. If this can kill you – be warned.

Crustaceans, mustard, sesame, celery, sulphites, lupin, soya, milk and moluscs – we do not use them directly, but our suppliers may. Not the ones we use, but since the pandemic started quite often we get substitutes, so again – please be warned.

What I’m trying to say is – we don’t want to harm you. And sure, you can call us, we can talk about it and if you have a light intolerance you may decide it’s fine and you want to go ahead. But if you have an actual food allergy, especially one that can be life threatening, please. Please please do not order from us as for the reasons stated above we cannot keep you safe. And at least let us know on your order that you do have a food allergy, so we can call you and discuss what we can do about it. And don’t get me wrong – I am not just trying to be like “you can take your food allergy somewhere else because we don’t care”. No. We do care. And we have assessed our restaurant, all the risks, the amount of special pizza for people with intolerances we sell (about 1 in 200) and decided we cannot afford to run two kitchens – one for most people and one special kitchen for those 1 in 200 pizzas. We don’t have the space or the money to do this. So please, consider yourself warned. If you have a food allergy, this place is not safe for you.

And I know some people might say pizza is to die for, but no. Pizza is not worth dying for. No food is. Please be reasonable.