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Polish Christmas Food Event

As you probably already know, next Sunday – the 12th December 2021 – we are hosting another of the #RealFood events at Real Pizza Camborne. This time it’s gonna be Polish Christmas food. Well, some of the Polish Christmas dishes. And more.

So what exactly do Poles eat at Christmas Eve dinner?

A lot, is always the right answer, but let’s get into details. So first of all, the traditional Polish Christmas dinner has to include at least 12 dishes, or a multiple of 12. Secondly, as Christmas Eve is the last day of advent – the period before Christmas, when Catholics are fasting – meat is rather frowned upon. It was strictly forbidden, but nowadays the no meat rule became more of a guideline. I am not sure if you can call 12 dishes fasting, but hey, to each their own.

So what can one find on the Polish Christmas table? First of all – fish. Carp in most households, but all the fish are welcome for dinner. Carp is usually breaded and pan-fried. Pierogi! Pierogi are a must as well, usually the non-meat version, with wild mushrooms and cabbage. The baked pierogi – something similar to mini pasties. Soups – especially the red beetroot barszcz (borstch) served either with small tortellini – like dumplings, or something similar to pasties. Noodles with sweet poppy, honey, nuts and seeds. The traditional Polish gingerbread, dried fruit compote and many, may more. Here’s an interesting article with videos on the subject.

But can you expect to eat this Sunday?

Zuza and Patryk from the Polish catering firm from Plymouth were kind enough to send us the menu.

We have to add that we did try everything that is on this list and boy, oh boy… Bigos (polish sauerkraut based hunter’s stew) was one of the absolutely best we ever tried. Pierogi were divine. Barszcz to die for and the greek style fish was exactly like my mum used to make. I almost cried eating it…

You can book a table below, or you can order everything to take away. We will not have a driver on Sunday.


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  1. Michela nicholls

    The Polish Christmas lunch was delicious 😋 please give us more continental food .looking forward for our next country meal Many Many thanks Michela

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