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What on Earth is Uzbek Plov??

Most of you probably know that this Sunday (14/11/2021) we are having a very nice couple – Alma nad Jura – serving Uzbek Plov as part of our #RealFood series, where we invite passionate cooks from around the world to showcase their national cuisine. So what exactly is that Uzbek Plov, you might ask.

So let’s start with the first bit. Uzbek means it comes from Uzbekistan, a country in Central Asia.

So what is Plov? Long story short, plov, pilau, pilaf rice is the national dish in Uzbekistan. It is usually prepared on wood fire stove, with a huge cast iron dish called Kazan on top. It consists of rice, meat, vegetables and a ton of spices cooked beautifully in broth, so one might say it’s an Asian take on Risotto. But then one would be completely wrong, as Risotto and Plov have almost nothing in common.

Plov is not just a dish. It’s a social phenomenon. It is served at home, on poor markets where you can buy cheap flip flops and possibly an AK-47, on huge street food events and even in the fanciest restaurants, because no matter if you are a beggar, a middle class manager or a Russian oligarch on a business trip, everybody loves plov.
And it’s hardly surprising – the thing was around for the last 17 centuries, or so, as it is said to be first introduced by Alexander the Great. Alexander the Great or not, fact is, that Uzbekistan was always part of the Silk Road connecting China with Europe, and all the nations on the way have their own take on plov.

So yes, this weekend we have the pleasure, the honour… no! the privilege to invite you to try the absolutely delicious staple food from Uzbekistan. The dish introduced by Alexander the Great, and recently added to Unesco Heritage List. You can experience it yourself at Real Pizza Camborne, on Sunday the 14th November 2021. Available to eat in and to take out. The ordering buttons are just below, here:


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