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Sorry, no ketchup on pizza!

Come on, seriously? You’ve got to be joking. Why do you even ask? I mean I’m sure it is illegal and considered a crime against food! Putting ketchup or mayo, or the dreadful garlic mayo on pizza is just ruining it. It is. Why? Let’s start with the simple things.

This is Parmesan. Parmigiano Reggiano. One of Italy’s treasures. It costs about 20 pounds per kilo. One 38kg wheel of cheese takes 500 litres of milk to make. Our parmesan is matured for 2 years before we serve it to you. It is one of the best cheeses in the whole world. The mixture of fruity and nutty flavours, sweetness and umami actually help to apmlify the dish.

Ketchup. Tomatoes, sugar, vinegar, starch and red dye.
(23% of sugar, in case of Heinz). Thickening agents. Preservatives. Its main purpose is to mask the cook’s sins. Make hot dogs edible. Add a massive sugary and sour smokescreen to cover fake cheese and the nastiest, cheapest ingredients. Great for processed food.

We actually make the tomato sauce ourselves, you know?

I know, it may sound crazy, that in 2021 somebody actually makes something themselves but yeah, we totally do. We import tomatoes from Italy. Then we chop some fresh basil and herbs, add a bit of salt. Then we blast it with a blender and voila! No added sugar. Also, we have spent quite a considerable amount of time perfecting the sauce. And… you know… putting ketchup on it would simply break our hearts. Seriously.

You would not want to break my heart, would you?
…would you???

The dips. They can't be that bad, can they? I mean they're just dips, right?

Well that depends. So on one hand side if you make them yourself, from known ingredients, while they do kill the chef’s idea of what the pizza you’re eating should taste like, they can make it your own. However if you buy them… (because of course if you get them for free it means the pizza on its own is so bad it actually needs a third party smokescreen to cover something up) just be aware what’s in them. Like, you know… there was an article a few years back about how the Dominos garlic dip (the big portion) has more calories than two burgers at McDonald’s. The list of ingredients longer than our arm also does not sound appetizing, at least for us.


All in all, what we’re trying to say is that yes, we do understand that in different cultures you eat stuff with different sauces. Sure thing. In the Netherlands you eat fries with mayo. In Lithuania you eat pizza with mayo. In the US you eat pizza with an insulin injection I suppose and in Poland you eat it with ketchup, garlic sauce and god knows what. I would not be surprised if in Russia they ate it with sour cream.

We get it.

But what we’re trying to do here is to serve you the pizza the Italian way. So we totally can help you with olive oil, but ketchup and dips are a massive no-no. So while we won’t cry that much if you do it at home, where we can’t see it, we won’t help you do it, if you know what we mean.


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